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Pokemon Defenation

What is a pokemon?
A Pokemon is like a pet for some people (not Paul) he/she can protect you from other wild Pokemons,You can train him/her to evolve (though some don't evolve.)

I'm new here, can you give me advice on how to capture a pokemon?
Sure,First of all, it will depend on which generation you are Kanto,Johto,Hoenn,Sinnoh, You will have to go to meet professor Oak, so that he can give you a starter Pokemon.

Why would I need a starter Pokemon?
Most of the times, you will need a Pokemon to fight the wild Pokemon to weaken him first, after you find he's weak, you may use a Pokeball.Though sometimes if you are lucky enough you do not have to fight the wild Pokemon just use a pokeball and might capture him/her (Masterball catches any Pokemon without a fight)

What type of Pokeballs are there?
I am going to order them from best to not so good.
Masterball,Superball,Greatball,Pokeball (Did not count Netball)

I have gotten my starter Pokemon and Pokeballs now what?
Some people may go on a journey to get all the badges and then fight the Elite Four. Though others just play around with there Pokemon and train them on their own.

If I have gotten all the badges and beaten the Elite Four in Kanto region now what?
Now you may go on to the next region, Johto.It seems as the regions never end, just when we thought it was done after the Hoenn region, a sinnoh region came!

Thank you for reading my 'Pokemon Starting' Q & A! ~Joker

Elite Four


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