Robben10 FTW! XD Hey. This is a forum but do not write on it as it is not the official one if u want the forum it is in thankyou



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Being harsh today

If you weren't online that time then u missed it,i have made a poll and i asked if you want to change ur siggy or not and like 5 said yes and 1 said No so its offical now u can change it sorry if i was harsh on u sooner but now its NO PROBLEM :D oh and if ur wondering why now i let u its because i put a permission that now in ur siggy the pictures won't show only the link =/ hOPefully this will be the last change for the siggy stuff i hope that
Edit:OPPS lol im going to make it pics again because apparently everyone put [img] at first so now it won't work lol



2008-10-26 22:34:18



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