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Addition to the above Refrigerated Warehouse

However, in addition to the above Refrigerated Warehouse , there are some additional considerations that will ensure that you choose the best chiller from the start. First, at each degree above 68 ° C, add 1% of the calculated BTU rate. Higher ambient temperatures allow the cooler to be less effective and require greater cooling power.

Second, if your machine is working at 50Hz, an additional 20% additional BTU power is added to the chiller. This frequency is difficult to cool and requires additional power to maintain and lower the object temperature.

Third, add 10% of the BTU level if the plant is at an altitude or the line voltage is always below the rated voltage reading.

Fourth, consider the possibility of future expansion. If you increase the heat output of a machine, you must also increase the cooling power of the cooler. If you have variable calories, select the BTU level that can handle the highest calorie output.

Currently, it is estimated that there are about 2,300 refrigeration and AC mechanics in South Australia. Opportunities for apparatus are about abased aloft the levels of action in the Low Temperature Storage and face-lifting industries, in authentic in the bartering and automated sectors, although the Metals, Accomplishment and Casework Industry Training Council suggests that apparatus affairs abide top in the industry.



2017-08-11 07:31:42

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