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TPM module seemingly not working

I have an ASUS Maximus IX Hero motherboard working very well with an existing Win10 Enterprise install. That install is from an older machine I since sold, and migrated to a M.2 NVMe SSD. In other words the Win10 install has undergone a bunch of migrations, and I'm only mentioning that because I'm talking about securing the system.

Anyway. I'd like to use BitLocker on the boot drive. I purchased a TPM for this purpose, as I understand that is the preferred (perhaps only?) method to do so properly. I bought the following item:
I installed that and the BIOS recognized it, as well as Windows 10. It shows up in the device manager as a TPM 2.0, cool.
When I run TPM.MSC, the status always says

"The TPM is ready for use, with reduced functionality. Information Flags: 0x80000
The TCG event log is empty or cannot be read."

I have done all iterations I can come up with of: "Clear TPM..." in Windows (which reboots the machine and gives a BIOS prompt for TPM Clear, seems good.), as well as BIOS TPM on/off toggling, "Next Command" option to "Clear", then Windows "Clear TPM...", I just.. ALWAYS end up with that status.

When I then use the "Prepare the TPM...", which does get enabled as an option on TPM.MSC after Clear, I get (again) TPM ready with reduced functionality. Bitlocker will not use the TPM, when I try to enable BitLocker on the boot drive I get errors saying that some TPM key could not be read (not exact message.)

Is this TPM module just a POS and I should get another one (which?!?) or is this user error?


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