Robben10 FTW! XD Hey. This is a forum but do not write on it as it is not the official one if u want the forum it is in thankyou



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After Halloween maintiance 50/100%

probably after halloween by a day i will put this site onto maintaince
Note:if your asking why im not making it on halloween i'm not because i'll be busy looking at my candy,trick or treating lol!
yea so i might tell you right now that i might be putting it on maintaince because it's getting very busy on while i'm working on battle arena & darkrai battle so i think if less people go on it's better and faster sorry... but check every hour or so cause i'm going to work So much man it's saturday! lol so i get lotsa time, :bye: i will notice every1 when im closing before like 3-5 minutes i'm going to notice every1 in the spam area... so watch wat i type :oops:



2008-10-31 01:53:22



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