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NO.3 [Poe 3.1 Build] Cocotheone Righteous hearth

NO.3 [Poe 3.1 Build] Cocotheone Righteous hearth - Life Build - one4k power unit four.3k power unit reg 800k+ DPS - immortal Shaper cheap poe chaos orbs ..

With eighty nine hearth Resistance, as you get together with your build and A level twenty Purity of fireplace,
you need 9.9% upbeat Regeneration to stay up with RF damage.
Having aforesaid that once you drop the aura connected points, you'd need ten.8% Regeneration, with half a mile resistance.

Keeping in thoughts that your Vitality regenerates an extra zero.46% that's all the same only one.36% health regeneration gained from all the aura nodes combined.
For people who as another spot them on some remaining regeneration nodes, you may get one.7% regeneration,
with the additional benefit of buy poe chaos orbs additional armor than what enhancing Determination with aura nodes, conjointly this frees up three points and appearance extra productive.

+ plenty of power unit which may sustain any damage taken
+ Insanely tanky
+ Insanely power unit regeneration
+ resistant to hearth damage / Elemental replicate
+ Viable to survive on high Desync
+ Viable from one.3.0 patch will destroy any totem among a second

- you'll be able to not run maps with: no poe exalted orbs reg, blood magic
- Be quite careful against bosses to not one shoot you piousness / clergyman / Malachai..SO MORE poe game details here all by our playerhot now...come on, so thanks!



2017-12-22 04:06:06

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