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Since the four classes have a lot of face

Since the four classes have a lot of face-to-face encounters, we can easily kill opponents and collect so quickly experiences and souls. The former increase our level and make the character better. Soul levels, in turn, give us access to new mu legend zen skill trees. From both levels together, the account level results, through which we receive bonuses for all our heroes. In addition to PvE content, MU Legend also offers several PvP options. Among them are 1vs1 duels, battles between groups and even large battles among guilds.

For most players, the game is "very unbalanced" while what everyone's experience with Class Balance at end-game has been so far.

Dark Lord: Tanky/Good AoE/Party Support. Seems well balanced at the moment.
WarMage: Seems pretty good, Semi Ranged, good all around damage, can survive well vs tough bosses. Might need a tad more dmg on a few spells, but that might push them over the top.

Whisper: The best DPS buy mu legend zen class IMO, at least in the higher end dungeons, being ranged means they can go full out dps most of the time unlike melee that needs stop dps to move out of aoe.
Blader: It's a class that is all about getting up close and personal with your enemies as you just hack and slash away until they are no longer standing and you have a nice load of loot.BY here now...... well done, so thanks!



2018-01-08 04:32:49

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